At the loft this week: Practical Advice

The topic at The Loft this week is “Best Practical Tip”.  I hope my fellow Loft folks don’t mind, but I’m going to cop-out on writing something fresh.  In addition to this blog, I write articles at Hub Pages.  These can best be described as “practical advice for tough times.”  Here are my five top advice hubs, in order of popularity:

  1. Coping with Separation:  Surviving the First Few Days
  2. Dating after Divorce:  Why should you wait?
  3. Surviving Unemployment: A guide for the stay-at-home mom
  4. Planning Your Move on a Tight Budget
  5. Preparing for a Natural Miscarriage:  Supplies

This past week I finished another hub related to moving:

Top Ten Hints for Organizing Your Next Move

Truthfully, I hope none of these apply to any of you right now, but if they do, I hope you will find something helpful! 🙂

Some treasured every day practical advice comes from the words of a poem, often quoted by one of my favorite authors, Elisabeth Elliot:

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