Weight Loss Journey

This is where you can find updates about my weight loss journey, which began in April, 2015.

The Beginning:  Homeschooling Mom Ready to Lose 200 Pounds

Month 1 update: Homeschooling Mom Ready to Lose 194 Pounds

Month 2 update: Weight Loss is a Process

Month 3 update:  Write a Better Story for Your Life

Month 4 update:  Afraid of God?

Month 5 update:  Why Can’t I Stop Overeating?

Month 6 update:  What is it Like to be a Food Addict?

Month 7 update:  Failure Leads to Transformation

January, 2016 update:  Losing Weight Takes a Village

February, 2016 update:  Complete Freedom, Total Transformation

April, 2016 update:  Sweet Swimming

June, 2016 update:  Walking Out the Food Addiction Journey

August, 2016 update:  When Past and Present Collide

November, 2016 update:  What If I Fail


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey

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