Dusting off the old Blog!

How can it be that I haven’t written anything here since 2018? So much has happened, so much has changed. Here is a summary.

  1. After much consideration, I had Bariatric Surgery in November, 2018.
  2. Following the surgery I was in ICU overnight because they couldn’t get my blood pressure down after surgery. It was downright scary, but thankfully I survived.
  3. Had an overall difficult recovery from surgery that lasted a few months. Had to get several infusions.
  4. I rapidly lost 50 pounds, and then started regaining weight!
  5. Regaining about twenty pounds so shortly after surgery led to much despair and frustration and I became more immobile and debilitated than ever.
  6. Sought out help and counseling from the bariatric surgeon’s office and was diagnosed with binge eating disorder.
  7. Tried various meds and even injections to stop the weight gain. I stopped gaining, but I didn’t lose.
  8. My dad, a dairy farmer had a serious stroke in Spring, 2019. He survived but he has a very difficult time talking, lost the use of one of his arms, and no longer able to be active on the farm. My mom became his caregiver and my siblings (and sometimes me) all help mom with his care.
  9. Had some very helpful counseling from Lora Grabow (in person counseling).
  10. Heard a podcast by Dr. Vera Tarman and I really identified!
  11. Read Dr. Tarman’s book called Food Junkies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  12. In Dr. Tarman’s book she talked about getting in patient treatment for food addiction, and I started to wonder if that was something I could do. She listed a few places in her book.
  13. The closest treatment location to me was in Minnesota. I sent them off a very honest email about my plight and financial situation. They blessed me with a partial scholarship that allowed me attend COR Retreat. It was the best thing I have done for myself in many years.
  14. Here is my story of how COR Retreat changed my life. That was written TWO years ago! But everything I said there is still true now.
  15. When I got home from COR, the pandemic began. I had no idea how much it would change my life and my family.
  16. In October, 2020, before vaccines were available to us, our family became ill with COVID.
  17. The kids and I recovered. It took me a few months to get my sense of taste and smell back, but I have probably 90% of it back.
  18. My husband Dean, who at the time had no risk factors, also got Covid (managed at home, never hospitalized), but he has never recovered. He became a “Covid Longhauler”. The day he got Covid, he played football in the yard with the kids. He has never played with them in the yard since that day. While this has been probably the most challenging ordeal we have been through as a family, it has strengthened our faith in God and drawn us closer to Him and one another. Dean is on disability, unable to work and drive. I am now his caregiver. We have told our story many times to bring awareness of this awful condition. I plan to dedicate a separate story and post to summarizing Dean’s story.
  19. After many years of homeschooling, we sent our daughter to a Christian school in January, 2020. I started working part-time job to help pay her tuition. We continued to homeschool our son. But then we decided it would be good to send him to the same school as well. So instead of homeschooling, I increased my work and eventually started my own LLC for my contracting business. That has helped supplement my husband’s disability.
  20. I continue to work my recovery program and stay involved with online meetings through COR Retreat. I have lost 145 pounds, and I am still slowly losing.
  21. I had a major foot surgery (a fusion) December, 2022 and currently recovering, which gives me enough time to do this update! I am facing the same surgery on the other foot and two knee replacements, but not sure of the timing yet. One day at a time!
  22. God continues to provide EVERYTHING we need and more through His providing for our family through my work and throught the incredible generosity of family, friends, church and school. I have never felt more secure in God’s love and caring provision, because I have seen Him provide for us over and over and over.

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