Pinkalicious Eats Her Veggies

Just like Pinkalicious, I’ve had too many cupcakes, and now it’s time to eat veggies instead.


Pinkalicious is one of my daughter’s favorite books, and we’ve read it together numerous times.  But this week, it had new meaning for me.

The main character, against her parent’s advice, eats too many cupcakes.  In fact, she eats so many that she turns pink.   Her mother takes Pinkalicious to visit the doctor who says, “To return to normal, you must eat a steady diet of green food.”

Instead of following the doctor’s advice, Pinkalicious sneaks another cupcake and turns a bright shade of embarrassing red!   Finally, Pinkalicious succumbs to the doctor’s advice and starts eating green.

I ate pickles and spinach, olives and okra.  I choked down artichokes, gagged on grapes, and burped up Brussels sprouts. -Pinkalicious

Well, my life has been quite a bit like Pinkalicious lately.  I’m trying to return to “normal”, and in order to do that, I’m eating a steady diet of vegetables, fruit and protein.

I’m eating lettuce and greens, parsnips and sweet potato, quinoa and lentils.  Tuesday will be exciting, for it will be day eleven and I can add meat.  Yes, it’s a crazy time of year to go on an elimination diet, but it’s best gift that I can give my family and myself this year.

So look for me at the Christmas party.  I’ll be the one raiding the veggie and fruit platters.



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Something funny

The Loft link up is asking us to write something funny this week.

Growing up with five siblings, there was a good deal of name-calling.  One day in junior high, I learned the term “perpendicular bisector” in geometry class.  It’s very likely that I didn’t grasp what the concept was, but the term itself stuck with me and it sounded quite impressive.


Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle

Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle



Sure enough, my younger brother picked an argument with me that evening.  (Certainly I didn’t pick the argument!)  My response to whatever he said was:

 Well YOU’RE a perpendicular bisector!!!!

My brother  went into the kitchen and said

Mom!  Karen called me a perpendicular bisector!

Mom looked horrified.  She told me I shouldn’t talk to my brother that way, blah blah blah and finally ended with:

What is that!?



The Loft

The Loft