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The Loft link up is asking us to write something funny this week.

Growing up with five siblings, there was a good deal of name-calling.  One day in junior high, I learned the term “perpendicular bisector” in geometry class.  It’s very likely that I didn’t grasp what the concept was, but the term itself stuck with me and it sounded quite impressive.


Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle

Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle



Sure enough, my younger brother picked an argument with me that evening.  (Certainly I didn’t pick the argument!)  My response to whatever he said was:

 Well YOU’RE a perpendicular bisector!!!!

My brother  went into the kitchen and said

Mom!  Karen called me a perpendicular bisector!

Mom looked horrified.  She told me I shouldn’t talk to my brother that way, blah blah blah and finally ended with:

What is that!?



The Loft

The Loft



6 thoughts on “Something funny

  1. Very funny! Brings back memories of my growing up with a brother who has a photogenic memory! Didn’t study and was an honor roll student. Me, that’s a different story. I had to study much, much, much!!!


    • Thanks Barblynn! You know, my brother (the one referred to in the story above it) is incredibly smart and always did better in school than I did. That is probably why I remember this incident so well. It was very hard to “one up” him. ha ha!


  2. That is hilarious!! My son, too, loves to use those terms we adults forget. And yes, they do sound pretty terrible until you disect them 🙂 Thanks for linking up this week, (I added your link. Don’t know what happened.)


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