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The Loft link up is asking us to write something funny this week.

Growing up with five siblings, there was a good deal of name-calling.  One day in junior high, I learned the term “perpendicular bisector” in geometry class.  It’s very likely that I didn’t grasp what the concept was, but the term itself stuck with me and it sounded quite impressive.


Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle

Perpendicular Bisector of a Triangle



Sure enough, my younger brother picked an argument with me that evening.  (Certainly I didn’t pick the argument!)  My response to whatever he said was:

 Well YOU’RE a perpendicular bisector!!!!

My brother  went into the kitchen and said

Mom!  Karen called me a perpendicular bisector!

Mom looked horrified.  She told me I shouldn’t talk to my brother that way, blah blah blah and finally ended with:

What is that!?



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